Can Mold Grow on Concrete?

Concrete is one of the most common construction materials in the world due to its strength, affordability, stability, and flexibility. It is a highly versatile construction material that can be used from residential buildings to large-scale infrastructure. However, the growth of mold on concrete can lead to structural damage and health problems. Surface moisture, high […]


How is Nanotechnology Gaining Momentum in Manufacturing

Nanotechnology is considered to be a revolution in the manufacturing industry such as the discovery of plastic or electricity. Nanotechnology deals with developing objects at a Nano level that is one billionth of a meter, yep the size of an atom. When a particle is this small, it behaves pretty differently, and this caught the […]


5 Sweeping Manufacturing Technology Trends

Today the demand for things is very high, and there is a whole industry involved with making other sectors efficient. To process these large demands, technology is being used nowadays along with machines, to reduce the time and increase bulk. Let’s look at some of the manufacturing technology trends that will take over the future: […]

Industrial 3D Printer for Composite Materials Now Available

Earlier this year a company has introduced a new 3D printing technology that could revolutionize the manufacturing industry. The company called Envisiontech showed us that it is not only possible to print composite material, but it is already here. Their 3D printing technology gives the manufacturer multiple fiber and matrix options, to create composite materials […]

New Composite Material Pest Proof

This is a small project we are experimenting with; we are currently developing a material that could be sprayed as a clear layer of covering to any wood as a thick varnish. Making the wood waterproof and significantly stronger, but what we are trying to achieve is pest proof material. Through the participation of a […]