Composite Material Manufacturers In Atlanta

Atlanta Skyline looking north towards Midtown

Last month I had the chance to go around Atlanta and see the work composite material manufacturers there do. Of course I was not there solely for that purpose, in fact I was there to accompany my wife while she inquire getting work done on her, as in Atlanta breast augmentation surgery can be quite affordable. Fortunately enough she allowed me to go off on my own while she do her business. Having a wife in the same field as you allows you to communicate about work without worrying if she would not understand. She told me that since we were in town, I should at least look at the manufacturers and see their shops, that way I wouldn’t be just wasting my time.

There were several companies that were fabricators, they had a lot of well-made materials and interesting products. I was by no means, spying on the competition, I merely wanted to know how well they were doing and that if they had anything interesting I might be able to experiment with when I get back home. While walking around though, someone who was familiar with my face saw me and greeted me, we had met during a convention some time ago, we talked for a bit and after which he offered to tour me around town, which I took. More information can be found here

We ended up talking about work and drinking the rest of the day away in the pub, he told me about a few new things they were working on and I told him what my group was working on. Nothing too much into detail though, just a professional conversation about the industry and possible innovations. Both of us were very passionate about work, which allowed us to be friends in the first place.

After a while my wife called me on my cell and she joined us, we decided to extend our stay in Atlanta so that he could show us around the town and his work. The whole week was an interesting one, with learning more about his new project and meeting his family. At the end I found a job as a carpet cleaner in Atlanta, and now I’m staying at this city for good.

My wife decided to schedule her procedure next month, and our friend in Atlanta offered us the guestroom to stay in, saying that he has a lot of exciting things to show me. I can’t wait to see what he is up to now, maybe he even completed his project.