Graphene: The Future of Composites

grapheneIt was been a decade since the discovery of Graphene, and since then we have been able to recognize the uses of this wonder material. Sure, we already know the strength of the material, it being the strongest material known to man, but since its discovery we have discovered many amazing things that it could be used for. Such as creation of better batteries, computer chips, data storage (they found a way to magnetize it at an atomic size) and even for display.

Now we that we know more about the material and its uses, we understand that the need to develop practical ways to produce this material is necessary, one day it could become the material we use to make everything, since it is durable, conductive, clear, flexible , and other things we are yet to discover. It is clear that Graphene is definitely the future of composite materials, as it will be the go to material for durability and technological uses.

Unfortunately, the production of the material is extremely expensive. It is cheaper to make the least financially practical composite material right now then to make a small sample of graphene today. So for now we have to either wait, or experiment of the production ourselves, but then again if Ivy League geniuses are having trouble with it, how the hell are we supposed to solve it, then again a lot of discoveries were made by regular Joes.

Don’t be too disappointed though, as there are many researchers announcing that they are in the verge of getting there, and that we might be able to see the results of their research within our lifetime. So while you are working on everyday projects, make some plans for what you might be able to do with graphene once it is available to us.