Industrial 3D Printer for Composite Materials Now Available


Earlier this year a company has introduced a new 3D printing technology that could revolutionize the manufacturing industry. The company called Envisiontech showed us that it is not only possible to print composite material, but it is already here. Their 3D printing technology gives the manufacturer multiple fiber and matrix options, to create composite materials according to specification. The company said that their reason for concentrating in composite material is due to the fact that aerospace companies all over the world spend a huge percentage of their budget on composite materials alone. That and the fact the metal 3D printing industry is incredibly saturated right now. Check out Pittsburgh plumber

Unfortunately, as of the moment they only have a model for big manufacturing companies, which is definitely not in our price range. But the good news is that they have proven it to not only be possible, but also practical. While most of us in the composite material game are not as knowledgeable with tech to be able to make our own Composite material 3D printer, we can pretty much expect a flood of tech geniuses making cheaper models soon. Or we could also wait for Envisiontech to make a more affordable one once the rich guys are done playing with the first models.

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Either way the news of 3D Printing Composite materials excites me. Just like every tech that came before, we are now just looking at the beginning of everything, who knows, maybe through this technology creating composite materials from carbon nanotubes would be more effective than the ones currently being used in the lab. But while we wait for new tech to come and allow us to experiment on new composite material ideas, we get back to work on developing innovations the old fashion way.