Promise Rings

More Than Just a Pre-Engagement Ring

When someone thinks of a promise ring it’s typical to consider a little, low-cost ring given to a female as being a promise of marriage in the future; however, this’s never the truth. A promise ring has other functions besides simply being a pre-engagement ring. A promise ring could be given or even used for virtually any sign of commitment. The following are a few other typical applications for a promise ring.

A Non-Romantic Promise Between Friends

A promise ring may be given as a signal of a promise between 2 friends. Such a band could be awarded to a specific friend, to a good friend who’s going far away, or maybe even to some friend whom you won’t notice for some time. A relationship promise ring is really common with females that are little that become matching rings which declare “best buddies forever.” A promise ring between 2 friends is a better way of showing that a particular friendship is one thing quite specific to you.

Promise RingsA Promise of In order to Be Chaste

Also known as a purity ring, this particular kind of promise ring is used as a reminder being chaste. This may be given by a girlfriend or maybe a boyfriend but is also often given by parents to a kid. It’s intended to maintain one sexually pure until love that is genuine and marriage is discovered. This kind of promise ring is a frequent reminder to the person to stay abstinent until marriage.

A Promise of Substance Abstinence

A promise ring can, in addition, be utilized by those that are wanting to remain totally free from alcohol or any other dangerous substances. This band could be given to oneself or perhaps by another person as a constant reminder to keep free of medications along with other things which are bad for the body.

A Promise to stay Devoid of an Addiction

While a promise ring is able to be a promise to stay clear of a drug addiction, it is also a promise to stay free from various other additions also. This will include addictions including pornography and gambling. It is able to also be a promise to not take an exercise into access such as consuming or perhaps also video games.

A Promise of Monogamy

When a couple doesn’t get civilly married they frequently wear promise rings as a sign of their resolve for one another. These promise rings have a really good sign to the couple and it is a means of them revealing their wish to be joined with that individual forever.

A Promise of Silence

In ancient times, a ring will be given as a symbol of silence. It was utilized as a remembrance of the benefits of maintaining a certain secret. On occasion, a curse was engraved on the interior of what would happen in case the key was revealed.

A Promise of Spiritual Commitment

In the days of old, it had been typical for visible church leaders to use a ring as a symbol of their resolve for the church. Even today many faiths use rings as a reminder of the religious dedication.

A promise ring isn’t restricted because of the usage of a pre-engagement ring, but tend to stand for a promise between now romantic buddies, a promise to be chaste, a promise of material abstinence, a promise to stay clear of an addiction, a promise of monogamy, spiritual commitment, silence, and a lot more. One shouldn’t keep such a small perspective of the promise ring as merely being a pre-engagement ring, but see the possibility of its some other functions also. As noticed, a promise is able to symbolize some promise which is made between to people or perhaps a promise made to yourself. A promise ring is merely a physical hint of a commitment. Get a promise ring for your loved one today!