Preparing a Standardized Plan for Test-Taking

Many college admissions officers are going to tell you which from spring of junior year through the autumn of senior year pupils should be focusing all their focus on college. What this means is that pupils should begin thinking about where they’d want to apply and start making the all-important college visits.

One crucial element of an overall good college admissions strategy has a good test plan. Two important questions are going to need to be answered to be able to build the plan: Which assessments can I shoot, and when do I drive them?

Many colleges need either the SAT or maybe the ACT (though there’s a growing number of colleges that no longer demand standardized tests, determine our online resources webpage for an URL to a summary of these colleges).

Next, based on the colleges where a pupil is applying, it can be important to in addition take the SAT II.

Two or perhaps three SAT II’s (it differs based on the school) are needed at the majority of competitive colleges, like Ivy League schools, MIT, Tufts, Wesleyan, Connecticut College, Trinity, along with a selection of other naturally competitive institutions.

Parents might be aware of SAT II as the existing Achievement tests.

The SAT II’s test your expertise in a certain topic. Each test is 60 minutes, and you are able to take up to 3 tests in a single sitting. You are able to have the SAT II in an assortment of subject areas, like Math I or perhaps II, Foreign Languages, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Literature, U.S. Past, and World History.

Because they test your expertise in a certain topic, it’s ideal to have these tests at the conclusion of the season when the pupil is really enrolled in that topic, as all of the information shall be new within the student’s brain. For many pupils, this implies that they need to have SAT II in June.

Nevertheless, if a pupil is enrolled in AP classes and they have to have the AP exams, then simply she might think about having the SAT II’s in May. That can be the same week as the AP examinations, but all of the info shall be new in her mind as well as the SAT II’s are in fact much easier compared to the AP exams.

Lots of pupils don’t believe that the SAT score is indicative of real academic ability. There are still a few options for these pupils. One solution which is increasing in popularity is shooting the ACT. All colleges within the nation except for one will acknowledge the ACT instead of the SAT.

Additionally, a lot of the competitive schools which demand the SAT plus 2 or perhaps 3 SAT II’s will recognize the ACT rather than those tests. There are many primary differences between the SAT and the ACT. First, the ACT is much more of a knowledge-based test as opposed to a reason or maybe aptitude test. On the ACT you don’t get some points off to get a question wrong.

Therefore it’s towards the student’s advantage to answer the questions. There’s a science reasoning aisle on the ACT. The essay on the ACT may be the remaining portion; also, it’s optional. Warning, nonetheless, most colleges would like you to produce the essay, while they will not be reading it.

They do not need you to work with the ACT to get out of composing the SAT essay. Lots of pupils, particularly female pupils, will do much better on the ACT than on the SAT. We advocate pupils to carry a practice test and mark the test. Next, turn it to an SAT score, because most colleges on the east coast will change the ACT to an SAT score and also start treating it like an SAT. is your best match when it comes to studying for important exams and tests. They unveil three things you might not know about the SATs which can shed light on the much anticipated and valued test by teenagers.