Qualities of a Perfect Smartwatch

Wearable tech is among probably the hottest trends this past years. Probably The brightest merchandise that raises discussions today is the watch, or perhaps more exactly, smartwatch. You will find ready devices and many ideas available though we do not possess a watch coming near to a picture of an ideal smartwatch, a solution which will be liked by worldwide market, a unit so great in every way that individuals will decide to change their gorgeous wristwatches with it. The recently offered Galaxy Gear by Samsung has way too many flaws attain immediate recognition. There are so many watches for so many different people with different tastes. And these are popular among men nowadays. Let us try to bring a photograph of an ideal smartwatch. What would it be like?


You have a smartphone, and it is more than likely you have a tablet. Maybe you have a specific media player (such as an iPod). Do you like the thought of one additional device’s electric battery being charged every day? The makers of the Galaxy Gear concept it was not much of a problem. Our viewpoint is on the contrary. We got accustomed to batteries of smartphones that could not survive the day, though we do not plan exactly the same for our watches. Charging once per week? Maybe. When one day? That is a cheerless prospect.

It is difficult to make touchscreen-based mobile tech genuinely mobile, along with companies have not been successful yet.  There is one solution which may assist – wireless charging. What this means is we will have our smartwatches energized without noticing it. At least there will not be another wire to affect us.

Universally Designed

That is an extremely subjective thing since tastes differ, so everybody can’t appreciate the style of the Galaxy Gear. It is a laborious process to develop one thing that is going to look great on your wrist whenever you use your suit. It should be mentioned we’ve various arms and choose watches of various styles and sizes to fit our very own.


The present good examples of such watches are pretty much complementary to far more purposeful and impressive services and devices of the ecosystems, they’re aggregators of info and functions from some other smart devices. The Galaxy Gear is now compatible with a small amount of Samsung’s Android smartphones & phablets. Such limitation isn’t great news in case you would like your products going mainstream, with all of the variety of Android devices. Of course, if Apple finally decides to release a smartwatch, the issue of compatibility is going to be not that laborious to deal with, since Apple knows the way to polish its services and products.


We got accustomed a year-long cycle of smartphones’ and tablets’ lifestyle, particularly in the Apple situation. But do we want a more recent model of a smartwatch in only a year after we purchased today’s one? Particularly if the platform revisions will create severe problems in use, point out, 2 to 3 years after. People frequently become used to their old wristwatches and also do not love changing them. If you’re one of the individuals that are such, would you consider a smartwatch differently?

Functional (not much more than it is necessary)

Smartwatches are synced with mobile devices and are merely accessories, though they ought to be impartial in their individual right. We do not need high-end specs and power draining, processors. It is advisable to rid of unnecessary features that work better on a smartphone. You do not need to invent issues that are now being handled by a watch, simply make certain it does what it really does the very best, and will do it way much better than some other mobile devices. Do you want reading and send messages on a 1.3′-1.5′ screen? Look through to-dos/reminders? That is much simpler.

It is only a method of wrapping old performance into a much better form factor. You do not need to have everything in it to create a booming product. Only a notification that you have gained an email isn’t the most perfect function for a smartwatch. The richer the screen, the greater the capabilities, but is not it much more handy (and informative) to verify social network notifications and reply to them utilizing our smartphones? Particularly if the issue of battery life is not going to vanish.

So what else should a smartwatch have? A cell phone with a contact list as well as voice control? Effectively, in case you consider conversing with your watch fine, it could be good to reply to an urgent call without needing to draw your phablet outside of the popcorn bag. A mediaplayer? Maybe it is going to be very good to ignore a song or 2 in your playlist. Nevertheless, this particular feature drains battery life basically. A tool for social media? Not as great, though you might swiftly brush through your Twitter feed – not every single social network could be smartwatch friendly. A health-and-fitness tracker? For instance, the Galaxy Gear has a pedometer, it was an apparent choice. A watch with alarm and weather conditions? For certain. And what features do you feel a great smartwatch will have?