New Composite Material Pest Proof

This is a small project we are experimenting with; we are currently developing a material that could be sprayed as a clear layer of covering to any wood as a thick varnish. Making the wood waterproof and significantly stronger, but what we are trying to achieve is pest proof material. Through the participation of a few friends from different fields, including what we deem as the best Pest Control Company Waukesha, we have formulated a composite material that repels several types of pests; including termites and rats. Check this site

If successful the application of the material could allow for cheaper and longer lasting pest control solutions, as well as the preservation of buildings and objects of historical importance. The experimental material is removable via a solution that loosens the bonds of the composite material.

This small report is not meant to be taken as the introduction of a new product we will be releasing, as of the moment, the material is expensive to make and the removing solution imperfect, requiring the material to be submerged for a varying amount of time.

Hopefully, our development of the material will reach a level where we could feasibly bring it to market, along with a solution that does not require prolonged submersion.