Why You Should Seriously Plan on Contacting a Motivational Speaker

Why hire a motivational speaker for your special event or corporate function? Many corporate personalities and business managers who are struggling with the day-to-day pressures believe that hiring a motivational speaker is a good idea because “What’s my kid going to say during a general session?”

While this is definitely a valid concern, and you should certainly plan ahead in terms of selecting the appropriate speaker, you should keep in mind that most executives tend to come across as insistent, rather than enthusiastic when asked if they would consider hiring a motivational speaker.

An alternative to the above question may be, “Do I have enough people thinking about hiring a speaker?” You would be surprised at the number of executives who do not have any preliminary idea of the types of speakers that will be invited to speak at their event.

When you consider that many successful businesses and organizations simply do not have anyone on their committee who is particularly knowledgeable or fluent in sales or communication, it becomes clear that the likelihood of hiring a motivational speaker is highly recommended.

Another reason to consider a motivational speaker is that the general session can often lead to important business decisions. For instance, if the motivational speaker exudes confidence and has a compelling message, it is likely that other business leaders will follow his or her lead.

After all, what if the motivational speaker urges the crowd to take action and create a huge difference in their lives? They might even decide to step forward and start the process themselves! This means that the motivational speaker has already transformed the session, and business leaders will be much more likely to try his or her ideas.

As a potential or current motivational speaker, you may also find yourself in a situation where you need to hire a speaker. Perhaps you have just taken over a team that was not performing up to expectations. Perhaps you are the new manager, looking to inspire and motivate your employees.

The bottom line is that motivational speakers are often needed in many different capacities and situations. When you’re thinking about why you would want to hire a speaker, consider the impact that the message he or she will bring to the event will have.

Not all speakers are created equal. If you’re planning an important event, it’s crucial to choose wisely. A motivational speaker might be able to make a huge impact on your company and your employees, but if the individual doesn’t deliver the speech with conviction and confidence, he or she won’t last very long at your event.

In order to hire the right motivational speaker, you need to do some background research. Talk with people who’ve had speakers at your company before. You’ll gain an idea of how well they connect with the audience, as well as whether or not you’d be comfortable having a speaker at your event.

Sometimes hiring a professional can help save time and money – speaker agencies typically offer a one-time rate for their services, but you may be able to save money by contacting several agencies and choosing the one that offers the most value. If you happen to be looking for a real estate marketing coach, this choice is the best one out there!

Consider everything from fee structure to credentials when choosing a motivational speaker.
If you already know which speakers you’re interested in for your event, start making calls to confirm their availability. If you’re still not sure, get some quotes by contacting agencies or asking friends and colleagues for recommendations.

A great speaker will come with great credentials and references, so make sure you take the time to verify them. After you’ve found and interviewed a few possible speakers, you’ll know whether or not you’re likely to be getting the kind of experience you seek.

Finally, after you’ve found a handful of potential speakers, it’s important to hire them. They’ll be working with your organization to inspire your employees and volunteers, so they’ll bring a wealth of expertise to your event.

Don’t hesitate to make the final decision – it’s always best to hire someone you can trust. Your own personal experience with the motivational speaker, coupled with the experience of your own employees and volunteers, will help you make the right decision.